Maine Beef Council
Maine Beef Council

Teachfree provides preschool through 12th grade educators with high-quality educational materials that supplement the curriculum. Resources can also be downloaded for use in the classroom.

How are the education materials developed?

More than seven decades of experience are behind each education kit.  After an area of need is identified, a research process involving surveys and focus groups with teachers and/or students is initiated.  This “needs assessment” determines the theme and curriculum focus of the kit.  A team of teachers and subject area experts develop the concept and writes the materials.  Each program is scrutinized for accuracy and finally reviewed by a panel of teachers.  Some programs have been developed in partnership with professional organizations like the American Dietetic Association.  Evaluations submitted by kit users help refine the materials at the time of reprint.

note to Maine teachers: please contact the MBIC to see if you qualify for free materials and kits. It's likely you do!

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